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"Nothing better illustrates the curiously bipolar nature of the… - Variations on a Theme
People watching, writ singular
"Nothing better illustrates the curiously bipolar nature of the American reader than the appearance on the [bestsellers of 1956] list of Grace Metalious and Simone de Beauvior at the same time. One could argue that they were probably read by different people, but I'm not even sure of that, frankly. The answer may be that Americans craved culture--and the feeling that they were cultured themselves--almost as much as they did a big tearjerker with a lot of sex."
-Michael Korda. Making the List: A Cultural History of the American Bestseller 1900-1999.

Yeah, that sounds just about right to me.

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Current Music: The Streets of Dublin- A Man of No Importance

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gentlest_sin From: gentlest_sin Date: April 14th, 2006 04:39 am (UTC) (Link)
I hear you hafta be like first in line for this thing. What time should I meet you/where? I suppose this is what you were gonna call me 'bout tomorrow.
Also, Ian's probably coming with us, is that all right?
somebodyelse From: somebodyelse Date: April 14th, 2006 05:12 am (UTC) (Link)
Nah, you just have to be in the first hundred or so. I just left you a comment in your journal talking about when and where and such. I've got no problems with Ian coming, too. I might even invite a friend myself. The timing with Ian coming, might be tricky, though, depending on when you get out. If you can't get back up north to pick him up, he can either meet one or both of us at the Berwyn stop, or I can meet him up here and we can take the El together.
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