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On two-faced readings. - Variations on a Theme
People watching, writ singular
On two-faced readings.
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wildpersimmons From: wildpersimmons Date: February 10th, 2007 11:51 am (UTC) (Link)
ah, where to start with you...
(i feel like this question pops into the back of my head from time to time)

are these going up on librarything? i suppose i could just check, which I probably will. but that won't tell me if they are going up in the future. hah.

I feel like i agree with you about atwood; i was looking as the dust jackets of about three of her other books in a store today and none of them seemed particularly compelling. I might eventually pick them up because I know she has excellent craft, but I wouldn't have read the blind assassin if it weren't for your exhortation. Then again, oryx and crake I picked up sort of on a whim, but that turned out pretty great.

Vonnegut i think would have like to be a science fiction writer in a more ideal world. (as he says, however, life is a crock of shit.) He puts a lot of miscellaneous but unimportant sci-fi sidelines into many of his books, especially if kilgore trout is making appearances (where he mostly just gives a brief outline of a short story in question.)i haven't read slaughterhouse V since high school, so i'm due, and I'm sure I'll find that it's not his best. I've been reading about one a week since the beginning of january. I find them easy reads and so I plan to continue until i'm vonegutted out. I enjoy that he makes me laugh about being sad regarding humanity and the state of things in general. I'd say probably cat's cradle or slapstick are my favorites so far.

mcsweeney's in general and nick hornby in particular are yummy. If you haven't already, you can add the LJ-rss feed for mcsweeney's online. As though you need more crap on your friends list.

I've often had that question about translations. with the french I've frequently been able to compare, but clearly not with anything else. Mostly, though, a lot of translators do pretty good justice to the original. I think the worst thing I've seen is exchanging some french wit for some english wit where it is non-transferable. Subtitles, however, make me giggle. a lot.

if you like the scaling aspect of theoretical physics, why have I not recommended (or have you not investigated) fractals and chaos theory? I've found scaling in chaos to be an incredible model for doing just what you're describing, but with the added funness of similarity on all scales.

The El train is my favorite place to primate people. People who are spaced out in pod-land have the best blank expressions and come the closest I've seen to the sort of general "chimp at rest" photos i've seen. I did, however, just clip out of a magazine an amazing photo of a chimp with a great "o rly?" expression.

I'm addind Milan Kundera to your fiction list: immortality (which is a great character comparison to the sisters in blind assassin) which should come first and then the unbearable lightness of being. Don't see the movie first. (but you already know that rule.)

that is all.

somebodyelse From: somebodyelse Date: February 10th, 2007 09:13 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hell, if I knew where to start with me, don't you think I'd have done it already?

Yes, they're all up on LibraryThing right now. Unfortunately, LibraryThing has sorta fizzled for a combination of reasons; most of my books are still in storage downstairs, and I don't have space to bring them up and sort through them; I don't have internet connection at home, so I'm limited by writing down or remembering for when I do get on-line; and I'm rapidly approaching the 200 book limit, and trying to decide if I should subscribe now, subscribe later when I have a full time connection, or not subscribe at all.

There was one Atwood that might or might not have caught my eye enough to pick up, I haven't decided yet. I, unfortunately, don't remember the title anymore, but the plot was something to the effect of a love triangle (or quadrangle?), with one of women dead and buried... until she walks into the diner where they're all eating. *shrug* We'll see if I pick it up or not.

I think this is the third time you've told me about your Vonnegut project. :) That's perfectly excusable, though, as I often do the same (and I often need to be told three times to remember, apparently). If you decide you want to reread it before I get around to rereading it, you're more than welcome to take it back; I'll just borrow it again from you later.

On the RSS feed, I haven't yet, though I might do it in the form of a live bookmark, instead. Well, not for now. For now, I'll put it on my friends page, but when I get a full time connection, I may move all my RSS feeds there.

One of the things that really surprised me about Asterix (once I was old enough to become cognizant of this) is that so much of the humor is on puns, which is inherently untranslatable. I guess with every translation, the translators have to come up with their own puns to put in those places.

You have, frequently, recommended my investigating both chaos and fractals, though this time, by connecting it to something I already like, (and having worn me down... ;p) I thing you may have convinced me. But that doesn't mean I'll get there any time soon, as you surely understand.

Yeah, the El's good for that. The classroom, too. (Comparing it, of course, to a mother chimp teaching her kids...)

You've already added Immortality to my list, buddy. And as for the rule, I'm always conflicted about which one to follow. "Read the book first, to get the story unadulterated by Hollywood." or "See the movie first, in order to enjoy them both; because if you read the book first, the changes in the movie will probably annoy you."
wildpersimmons From: wildpersimmons Date: February 10th, 2007 09:30 pm (UTC) (Link)
sometimes the best bet is to just not see the movie at all. I feel like i'd have been okay not watching Hannibal-- i really enjoyed the book, though.

I'm sort of in the same spot with library thing. I'm at 188 and kinda broke and internetless, in general. Though if I understand correctly, a USBflash wireless card is arriving in the mail for me soon, so I'll be able to use someone else's internet. maybe then when I'm not as broke (after Sketchbook this summer, most likely, if moving doesn't eat that fund.)

I think I've finally gotten it through my head that I need to repeat things to you enough times. Plus with seeing you every second or third week, who knows what I have or haven't told you?! (which happens both ways, incidentally.) I'll snag Anthony's copy of The Turbulent Mirror whenever you decide to read up on the fractals. James Gleick wrote an interesting history/biography of the developments, discoveries, and characters that led to the rise of chaos theory, but doesn't give as good of a description of the actual dynamics themselves. He also wrote a biography of Feynman, which I plan on checking out from a library soon. (also Newton. Could be interesting, could be....not.) And the vonnegut thing I repeat frequently just in general. one reads enough of an author it gets stuck in the head.
somebodyelse From: somebodyelse Date: February 10th, 2007 09:49 pm (UTC) (Link)
Speaking of seeing me so infrequently, what're you up to, say Tuesday evening? Dave accidentally sent me some things he was meaning to buy for himself from Amazon. I'm sending them back to him, but he gave me permission to rip the cds (a couple Evanescence cds) and watch the DVD before I do. The dvd is Cars; if you're interested, we can watch it (else, I'm sure I can convince Andie or somesuchfolk to watch it with me.)
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